P60 & P45 and Updated Starter Checklist

04 Mar

P60 & P45 and Updated Starter Checklist

HMRC has announced that it intends to withdraw blank P60 & P45 forms from tax year 2020-21 onwards. This is part of its digitisation of communications project and should be applauded for being environmentally friendly.

Requests for P60 forms can be made until June 2020 whereas P45 forms will be withdrawn indefinitely in April 2020. HMRC shall formally notify small employers shortly. The message is that most payroll software has the functionality to print (and or email) P60s and P45s on plain paper.

Furthermore, HMRC has circulated an updated and improved starter checklist form. This is for completion by new employees so that their new employer can create their payroll record and include them on Full Payment Submissions (FPS). The new version can be located here (right click, save as)

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