Annual Accounts

An invaluable overview of your business

Annual Accounts are one of the most important documents that your business  will be required to produce. They tell the story of your business and present the financial and non financial performance for the year. Every transaction will have an impact on your Annual Accounts both in terms of the actual numbers and how you disclose them to users of the accounts. In addition to this, companies must also compile and submit a Corporation Tax return to HMRC.


Our service covers the following :

Our team will produce the Annual Accounts from your book-keeping records and carry out the submission process with Companies House.  If you do not have any bookkeeping records, we can set you up on a. cloud based software and start from scratch using any raw data or paperwork that you have.

We are on hand throughout the year and not just at the time of accounts production or submission, for any questions that you might have, or just to have an informal catch up on your business. We aim to keep you informed at the key stages of the service so that there are no surprises when it comes to the final numbers for the year.

Generally speaking, you willl pay Corporation Tax on the profits of your Company subject to certain adjustments. This is because accounting profit is by nature, not the same as the taxable profit and the adjustments that need to be made can sometimes be quite complex. Once we have produced your company’s Annual Accounts we will then make the necessary adjustments¬† and proceed with your Corporation Tax return. We can also advise on tax reliefs available which will help to minimise your company’s Corporation Tax bill. All deadlines are managed by us and we are on hand throughout the year for any queries that you may have.