Tax Planning

Despite its complexities, the UK tax system does have some very useful tax reliefs which give rise to the opportunity for tax planning. Our team can assist you in organising your operations in a manner that makes use of tax reliefs and legislation to help you reduce your tax bill.

Our solutions

We will work with you to get a view of your total income and its sources. From this, we are able to devise your overall tax position, which can then be used to identify any potential areas where tax savings can be made. We then work with you to decide what strategy might best suit your needs. These might include,  pension contributions, employee benefit schemes, transfers to a spouse or forming a limited company.

At Bramleys, we are constantly looking to further our knowledge and keep up to date with changes to current tax legislation. We are always on the look out for ways to help current clients and will contact you if you are not taking advantage of current tax planning schemes or if current legislation changes in a way that benefits your circumstances.

Tax planning is not limited to transactions that have already happened – if you are thinking of carrying out any transaction, such as buying an investment property or disposing of an asset,  we can help you execute it in a tax efficient manner and advise on the best way forward.